Saturday, July 19, 2014

House for Sale: Challenge to Find Perfect Family House

Looking for family house is a little bit different from looking for house for individuals; there are many things you must think about if you want to get a good house for your family. House for sale ads will promote that their houses are the best, including for family, but what if you have specific needs for your family residence? Looking for family house means all your personal and family needs must be fulfilled, and you will not find the perfect house unless you look for it yourself.

Perfect Family House: What to Look For
When looking for family house, the best one is the one that accommodates all your family needs in daily life. If you have small kids, the house must be close with at least kindergarten or playgroup and elementary school, since parents usually want to accompany their kids to and from school at these school ages. If you have teenage kids, you may want to find a house that has access to main street and public transport so the kids can go to school without you if they need to.

If you do not have your own vehicles, or can only use it in limited way (such as only for work), at least your house must be close with your working place, stores, laundry shop, market and other public facilities that a family will need frequently. If it is not close to hospital, at least it should be close to local clinic or doctor practice (this information is usually available at the developer’s office or realtor).

Location is Everything
Ask the realtor about the house location, including the risk and its proximity with other neighborhood. Some houses may look secluded, but they are close with the main road and the surrounding areas are clear, not ideal spots to hide for criminals. Meanwhile, some houses may be located in a crowded housing complex, but since there are many public shortcuts and the surrounding areas are quite, they can be a bit risky.

Also, the location should provide good access to clean water and electricity. You may want to ask about the stability of electricity system and water in the area, because sometimes good houses have bad electricity or water system (the water is dirty, smelly, etc). If you do your research well, you will not be easily fooled by seemingly good house for sale, and you can find the best house for family residence.

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